200 teams taking on the Australian outback in cars worth $1000 or less. The Rally is a week-long charity event. That travels through remote parts of Australia on some of the toughest roads.

It is now biggest fundraiser for the Cancer Council and has now gone onto to raise $4.4 Million (As of 2014)

The aim of the rally is to contribute to ongoing cancer research and support the search for cancer cures. Over the last ten years, the rate at which Australians die from cancer has fallen by 13% thanks to research, screening and better treatments.

Founder James Freeman started the rally to honour the lives of his parents after they both died of cancer within 13 months of each.

With courage in their hearts, petrol in their tanks and a whole lot of gusto, the teams take on roads almost untouched by civilisation, let alone 200 passionate teams from all over Australia!

Each year the rally has a new starting point and destination, it not only raises money for the Cancer Council it also brings tourism and generates revenue to small isolated communities each year that are part of the rallies course, supporting many grassroots organisations along the way.

Techforce has sponsored two teams Team Merbz in 2012 and DADFA’s Team in 2014 and 2015.