Recruitment agency’s 5 ways of spotting top talents on Social media

Recruitment agencies have heard many horror stories from employers trying to find the right candidates through social media. Candidates use social media as an outlet and a way of connecting to the world around them, many speak freely and this can be a good or a bad thing to stumble upon when you are going through their account. Most candidates now-a-days are making an effort to be more social media conscious about the posts they may and the comments they write. As an employer you must be able to take the good with the bad and really focus on what good they are bringing forward on social media. Here are some tips for what to look out for when searching for a candidate.

Activate stalker mode

Now that more people are becoming conscious about what they are posting and their behaviour online, some accounts may be private and this is okay. Although others may not be so private and allow you to have full access to everything they have posted from 2008 when they first made their Facebook account. If you do happen to come across some horror posts you need to see how this really affects them as a candidate. Those candidates that are fully locked up and are private on every platform and don’t let you anywhere near their digital profiles is okay and should be respected. Ultimately who doesn’t have a few posts here and there that may be perfect for their friends to see but not potential employers. No harm done.

Updated LinkedIn Profile

An updated and perfectly curated LinkedIn profile is a dream for employers. Keep an eye out for candidates that are active and their name appears in the LinkedIn groups you are targeting. A candidate getting involved in discussions with like-minded professionals in the field you are currently in is a great way to find persons who take their career seriously and are looking actively for connections and networks in that specific field.

Twitter 1 account 2 accounts or no accounts?

So you have stumbled upon a candidate and they have two different twitter accounts, don’t be alarmed, it is very common for people to have two different accounts on twitter. Many people prefer to have two different accounts to keep their personal interests and friend tweets away from their work and business style news and tweets. A candidate having two different accounts means they are doing what they can to differentiate between work and play which is a very good trait to have in an employee.

Full access

What about a candidate that has a full open book? Open social network? Allowing you to see everything they post, comment and like? Use that to your advantage! Look for things that will credit them, see what they are interested in, their hobbies, their personality and their communication skills. Keep all of this information in the back of your mind when you go for an interview with them. All of this information is helpful as you can see if they are going to be a good fit based on their personality not only personal but as a professional. One thing to keep in mind is never expect and open, full access social account to be all about career focused posts, it is very unrealistic and doesn’t set a good impression, go through their profile with an open mind.

The Blogger

Blogs are not an easy hobby to maintain, they require a lot of time, effort, professional writing skills and are hard work to keep up and running. If you happen to stumble upon a candidate with a personal blog, they are most likely doing it to increase their chances at a job hunt and boost their chances at landing a good career. If the blog is nothing you are interested in it is still worth the time having a look and investigation just how the blogs are written and what platform they are using. The blogger candidate will most often be creative, passionate and have a genuine interest in reading and learning more about multiple industries and services.

Recruitment agencies such as TechForce always want to ensure that you get the correct employee for the job or position you are hiring for. We strive to provide the best information you need to find the perfect candidate. If you are in need of recruitment agency services get in contact with the team at TechForce to help you find the employees you need for any task.