Running a company is hard. Running a company whilst performing the recruitment process is even harder. Your time is valuable, and quite often employers simply do not have the time available to spend searching thoroughly for strong candidates. This is where recruitment agencies come in. If you run a business and find you do not have the time to set aside on the recruitment process, consider hiring through a recruitment agency. There are many benefits to hiring through a recruitment agency, with time being only one of these benefits.


Specialist knowledge of the market (this is what we do)


Hiring through a recruitment agency eases the stress from you and your organisation, as recruiters have specialised knowledge of the market. This knowledge includes available candidates and how to reach them, their career expectation, salary rates and complexities with the hiring process. Recruitment agencies work with multiple companies, and have therefore likely worked for a similar business previously. Working with multiple similar companies allows the recruiter to develop an in-depth understanding of the market, which will benefit the way they approach their hiring process.


Furthermore, as your company grows, you may need to fill positions you are unfamiliar with or have little knowledge of. Again, recruitment agencies are familiar with the needs of companies and will be able to anticipate positions you need to fill, and work with you to understand exactly the type of candidate you’re looking for.


A recruitment agency familiar with your company’s industry will be able to offer insight of market trends, skills required to be successful, and salary levels.


Extended reach for high quality candidates


It can be very difficult to find high quality candidates, especially if it appears your job advertisement isn’t reaching a lot of potential applicants. Even if your job advertisement is getting seen, it is common for these potential candidates to overlook the job application if they are being selective. Recruitment agencies have a vast knowledge of many industries, and therefore know the best ways to reach high quality candidates through their many networks. Not all the best candidates are actively searching for a job, and these people are often referred to as ‘passive talent’. Though these candidates will take a little while longer to find, it is possible.


When working with Techforce recruitment agency, we do all the heavy lifting, and offer you candidates rather than applicants. When you post your job advertisement, it is common to get applicants that simply do not fit the needs of your company, and this can result in a lot of wasted time going through applications. When you hire a recruitment agency, we are the ones spending time on this process, and you can spend your time focusing on other valuable aspects of your company.


Recruitment agencies have access to a large talent pool of potential candidates who have already gone through the screening and referencing process to be assessed. You will only have to meet the candidates that have successfully made it through this stage, and hence your time will not be wasted. We do our best to only offer great matches for your company.


Helps with employer brand, business growth and innovation


Large companies can spend large amounts of money on developing their employer brand, and pay for advertising, but smaller companies do not have this kind of access to resources. If you do decide to hire a recruitment agency for your hiring process, it will be beneficial for your business to allow these recruiters to work closely with you and gain an understanding of your brand and the company’s atmosphere. This way, recruiters can develop a feel of what it is like to work at your place of employment and get to know the workers. This knowledge will enable recruiters to feel comfortable in representing you as an employer of choice for potential candidates, and thus give you a greater quality of candidates when you are in the hiring process once again.


Working closely with a recruiter will mean you are sure to find the best available talent, and receive this recruiter’s support in growing your business and maximising your potential. By providing your business with the best candidates, you will be in a good position to succeed and grow.


Saves money and time


The hiring process can feel tedious and as if it drags on forever. Performing a thorough search of candidates and applicants is very time consuming, and this time could be spent on the actual company work. Using a recruitment agency will speed up the hiring process for your business by collecting and assessing resumes and CVs, checking references, and filtering out applicants not qualified or suited to the business’ needs. This process generally tends to take a while, but by hiring a recruitment agency, you don’t need to worry about fitting this process in with other company duties.


Recruitment agencies are designed to find quality candidates for your company, and are very knowledgeable and well-practised in doing so. As these recruiters have the time to spend performing in depth searches for candidates, you will be offered strong candidates otherwise possibly missed when hiring internally.