30 06, 2021

Recruitment agency’s 5 ways of spotting top talents on Social media


Recruitment agency's 5 ways of spotting top talents on Social mediaRecruitment agencies have heard many horror stories from employers trying to find the right candidates through social media. Candidates use social media as an outlet and a way of connecting to the world around them, many speak freely and this can be a good or [...]

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22 09, 2014

Cancer Council


Cancer Council Australia is leading the fight against cancer in Australia. It undertakes a broad range of activities, including research; information; prevention; patient support; treatment; advocacy and fundraising. Techforce is proud to support the Cancer Council, which does so much to help so many.

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18 09, 2014

The Shitbox Rally


200 teams taking on the Australian outback in cars worth $1000 or less. The Rally is a week-long charity event. That travels through remote parts of Australia on some of the toughest roads. It is now biggest fundraiser for the Cancer Council and has now gone onto to raise $4.4 Million (As of 2014) The [...]

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6 01, 2014

Make a Wish


Techforce is proud to support Make a Wish Australia, which strives to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions, enriching their lives with hope, strength and joy. This wonderful organisation has granted over 8000 wishes to children in Australia since its establishment in 1985.

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